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Sharon's Nook Living with Lyme News About Us

Collecting data is the first step towards wisdom; sharing data is the first step towards community.

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Instead of looking at life as a narrowing funnel, we can see it ever widening to choose the things we want to do, to take the wisdom we've learned and create something.

Liz Carpenter

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On occasion, Sharon writes about her life and her work and shares these writings with the members. It is a chance for members to get to know Sharon on a more personal level. It is an opportunity to understand "the woman behind the curtain." Sharon's writing often gives members a better understanding of how Neighbors evolved and why. It also gives members a better sense of community.

Sharon's Bio

I didn't call myself a writer until 2007, and it was my husband who named me one initially. Writing has been my passion since childhood, though I never dreamed of being able to publish anything until my 40s. I published on my own site and in a local paper, but had never written anything for pay until 2008. Now, it is a critical element of my job and it remains my passion.

I am a middle-aged, happily married woman. I have a teen age son and two step children in their 20s. My parents call me their "flower child", though my friends consider me relatively conservative. I live in Great Falls, VA with our menagerie of cats and dogs and neighboring wildlife. I vacation in New Mexico and Florida at every possible opportunity.

I was born in El Paso, Texas, but was raised just a few miles from where I live now from age 7 until I attended college at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, VA. I taught middle and high school English for a few years, moved to Okinawa, Japan for a few years during a short first marriage. I earned my M.Ed. in Counseling & Personnel Services from University of Maryland, then taught a few more years, then married my current husband.

I worked with Jeffrey for 12 years as co-owner of a remodeling company, and then I started in 2000. In 2003, I turned my hobby into a business and have been running it ever since.

I am an introvert, shy by nature. I love to read, knit, needlepoint, pet my cats, and of course, write.

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Mr. Cronkite
Mr. Cronkite was the old man on television. He was like my Granddaddy with the deep voice, the waltzing tempo of his speech. His smile was enough to comfort me without being a show business smile. He was someone I trusted. He was real, even through the black and white screen. I was six years old when I heard, “Hous... click here to read more

Living with Lupus
Sharon’s quote of the Day: The question is, will we use the jarring events of our lives as excuses or opportunities? (Ann Johnson, Return to the Sea) On Facebook, someone told me to: Grab the book nearest you. * Turn to page 56. * Find the fifth sentence. * Post that sentence AS YOUR STATUS. AND POST these instructions i... click here to read more

Jon Luke
John Luke “It was the best fireworks EVER! I hope I can come back next year! Will you invite me again?" That was from John Luke O’Neal. I think he is about 7 years old (I forgot to ask him his age). But I heard similar statements from people age 7-70 at last night’s Great Falls Fireworks. And ... click here to read more

Not JUST the Step Parent
Dear Heather, A few weeks ago, a friend shared with me her pain about her 30 year relationship with her step son. She has been married to his father for that entire time, her relationship with the step son has been amicable, loving throughout. They never lived together, but she thought they were close. And then she v... click here to read more

My Words
My Words My words have hibernated during these winter months. Deep inside the crevices of my brain, waiting. As the animals and the plants slumber deeply, my words repose. Each day, as the sun slowly emerges from the horizon just a few moments earlier, My words, too, begin to stretch, and clim... click here to read more

Pollen Count
Thanks to Michelle Woodward for this one - I just burst out laughing when I read it and thought we could all use a laugh today: Our pollen count today is higher than the dow jones average. ... click here to read more

Today I Decided to Seek Kindness
This poem is project of mind to write a poem a day and to send it out without editing. The perfectionist in me is absolutely struggling with this endeavor. For today's prompt, I had to take the phrase "So we decided to (blank)" and fill in the blank. It also had to be the title. So I Decided to Seek Kindness ... click here to read more

Visit Sharon's Nook for my latest updates
Come to and see my latest books read, favorite blogs, favorite websites . . . . ... click here to read more

Another Reason Why I Started This Network
A friend (and Neighbors member) came to visit me at the office yesterday, sharing her recent encounter with a local dentist. It was Lori’s (not her real name) first time with this new dentist; her own had retired. She made an appointment for a regular cleaning. When Lori got into the chair, the hygienist started to p... click here to read more

When Someone Dies
The two questions I received this week the most often were, “What can I do to help?” and “What should I do?” Both were asked in response to the deaths of two people I knew in two very different sets of circumstances. One was 17 years old; the other, 84. I prayed a lot this week. I prayed for ... click here to read more

Three Words
Three Words Sometimes, it can be the smallest gestures that have greatest impact. This week was my birthday (in case anyone hadn’t heard). The day itself was actually fairly low key for me and that was fine. The past few weeks have been very difficult for me for numerous reasons. It has included physical pain, st... click here to read more

Writing in the Midst of Pain
It is often most difficult for me to write when I am in the midst of pain or crisis. And this time is no different. Someone asked me to try writing a Sharon’s Nook piece without editing it in any way, shape or form. That was two months ago. So I am taking the leap tonight. Last week, someone called me an over-funct... click here to read more

My Favorite Time of Day
My favorite time of the day is before any words have been spoken. There are no words in my head except for my own. My thoughts don’t swirl yet, and I actually feel a bit of order to them. Sometimes, like on a Sunday morning, Jeff has already left to go to Wegman’s or to work out at the gym. There are no alarms, no s... click here to read more

Share a Story with Me
Almost twenty years ago I took my first course for a Masters degree, Crisis Intervention. I studied a Stress chart created by Dr. Thomas and Dr. Richard Rahe. They composed a table of events and the amount of stress they cause. The most interesting feature of this table is that the people they interviewed actually told ... click here to read more

Come See Sharon's Nook
Come visit my blog page ( and see my Recently Read Books, Favorite Websites, etc. I put new things up each month, so come visit! ... click here to read more

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