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Collecting data is the first step towards wisdom; sharing data is the first step towards community.

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Adopt A Family Programs for Holidays Donations - Furniture
Architectural Salvage Donations - Knitted "Cancer" Caps
Autism Support Groups Donations - Magazines
Award Plaques Donations - Mattresses
Blogs - Members' Favorites Donations - Medical Supplies & Medications
Charities - Local Donations - Pick Ups
Christian Retreats Donations - Sports Equipment
Donations - Appliances Donations - Stuffed Animals (Gently Used)
Donations - Baby Formula Donations - Tangible
Donations - Baby Supplies Donations - Toys (Gently Used)
Donations - Bedding Donations - Videotapes
Donations - Bicycles Donations - Window Treatments
Donations - Board Games / Puzzles Donations - Winter Items
Donations - Books Donations - Women's Business Clothing
Donations - Cars Flamingos in Your Yard
Donations - Cell Phones Fundraising- Non- Profit
Donations - Children's Clothing Gap Year - How and Where To Spend It
Donations - Clothing General Grant Writers
Donations - Computer Non Profit CPAs
Donations - Craft & Sewing Supplies Recycling - Used/Torn Fabric
Donations - Draperies Scouting Contacts
Donations - Drop Offs Sign Makers - Custom
Donations - Educational Materials Volunteer - Individuals Offering Services
Donations - Encyclopedias Volunteer Opportunities
Donations - Eyeglasses Volunteer Opportunities with Animals
Donations - Food Banks Volunteer Opportunities- Holiday

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