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Collecting data is the first step towards wisdom; sharing data is the first step towards community.

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Acupuncture Physicians - Alzheimer's
Acupuncturists - For Animals Physicians - Ankylosing Spondylitis
ADHD Professionals Physicians - Cardiologist
Advice - Getting Through Tough Days (Cancer/Chronic Illness) Physicians - Colorectal Surgeons
Alternative Medicine Physicians - Dermatologists
Assisted Living Facilities Physicians - Endocrinologists
Attorneys - Accident Claim Physicians - Endodontists
Attorneys - Elder Law Physicians - ENT's
Attorneys - Health Insurance Rejections Physicians - Fibromyalgia Doctors
Attorneys - Insurance or Personal Injury Physicians - Gastroenterologists
Attorneys - Malpractice Physicians - Geriatrics
Attorneys - Personal Injury Physicians - Glioblastoma Multiforme
Audiologists and Hearing Specialists Physicians - Gynecologists
Autism Support Groups Physicians - Hand Surgeons
Baby Nurse Physicians - Hematologist
Back Pain Specialists Physicians - Infectious Disease Specialists
Biofeedback Providers Physicians - Integrated / Alternative Medicine
Biomagnetism Therapy Physicians - Internist
Birthing Classes Physicians - Interventional Pain Management
Blogs - Members' Favorites Physicians - Laser Liposuction
Celiac Disease - Where to Purchase Items Physicians - Lyme Disease
Chemotherapy Treatment - Helpful Hints Physicians - Mohs Surgery Specialists
Children's Developmental Testing Physicians - Nephrologists
Chiropractor Physicians - Neurologists
Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapists Physicians - Neuropsychologist
Compounding Pharmacies Physicians - Neurosurgeons
CPAP Machine Supplies Physicians - Non-Surgical
CPR Training Physicians - OB-GYN
Cranial Sacral Therapists Physicians - Oncologists
Dentists Physicians - Ophthalmologists
Dentists - Cosmetic Physicians - Ophthalmologists- Pediatric
Dentists - Pediatric Physicians - Orthopedic Surgeon with Hand Specialty
Dentists - Sedation Physicians - Orthopedic Surgeons for Total Hip Replacement
Dieticians - Please see Nutritionist List Physicians - Orthopedists
Donations - Eyeglasses Physicians - Orthopedists - Scoliosis
Donations - Knitted "Cancer" Caps Physicians - Parkinsons
Donations - Medical Supplies & Medications Physicians - Pediatricians
Driving Services Physicians - Plastic Surgeons
Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities Physicians - Podiatrist
Dyslexia - Anything and Anyone Helpful Physicians - Polycystic Ovarian Specialist
Elderly Care Physicians - Primary Care
Fertility Specialists Physicians - Pulmonologist
Flu Shots - Where to Get Them Physicians - Radiologists
Group Homes Physicians - Retina Specialists
Health Insurance Physicians - Rheumatologists
Holistic Healers Physicians - Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disorders
Home Health Care Equipment Physicians - Urgent Care / Walk In Clinics
Home Health Care Providers Physicians - Urologist Oncologists
Hospice Care Physicians - Urologists
Hypnotherapists Physicians - Vascular Specialists
Laser Hair Removal Physicians - Who Treat and Prescribe Meds for ADD and OCD Patients
Laser Vision Surgery Physicians Who Treat Mold Affected Patients
Light Therapy Boxes Psychiatrists
Long Term Care Consultants - Certified Psychologists / Psychotherapists / Counselors / Therapists
Marriage Counselors Reflexology
Massage Therapists Rehab for Stroke/Post Surgery Patients
Massage Therapists - Lymphatic Reiki
Medical Insurance for Self Employed Retirement Communities
Medicare - Help Choosing Plans Rolfing Therapists
Medspa Sclerotherapy
Midwives Sleep Clinics
Migraine Advice Speech Therapists
Nurses - Private for Hire Support Groups - Breast Cancer
Nursing Care - In Home Surgeons
Nursing Homes Surgeons - Breast Cancer
Nutritionists and Dieticians Surgeons - Thyroid
Occupational Therapist Surgeons - Vascular
Opticians Therapists - Child
Optometrists Therapists - Eating Disorder
Optometrists - Developmental Therapists - Family
Oral Surgeons Therapists - Grief Counseling
Orthodontists Therapists - Substance Abuse
Orthotics Therapists for PTSD
Pain Management Specialists Transcription Services
Periodontists Vein Repair
Pet Insurance Providers Veterinarians
Physical Therapists Veterinarians - Holistic
Physical Therapists for Children Veterinarians - Ophthalmologist
Physical Therapists for Dogs/Animals Wheelchair Rentals
Physicians - Allergists Women's Divorce Support Groups and Services
Physicians - Allergists - Pediatric

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