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Sharon's Nook Living with Lyme News About Us

Collecting data is the first step towards wisdom; sharing data is the first step towards community.

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Sharon's Bio

For more than a decade, I suffered from numerous mysterious or rare maladies.  I saw internists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, chiropractors, orthopedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, pyschiatrists, phychologists, dermatologists, urologists, osteopaths, and then three rheumatologists.  Some of them offered relief for my symptoms, but no one offered a cause. 
In early 2009, I became almost bedridden with back and knee pain.  Through the grace of God, four months later, I found the RIGHT doctor who diagnosed me with late stage chronic Lyme disease.  I began treatment on October 16, 2009, one day after my dad's 80th birthday. 
This is my perspective of my Lyme journey. 

If You Get Bitten by a Tick

Below I'm sharing a list of LLMDs in our local area who are willing to treat new patients for FAST treatment after a tick-bite. 

(If you already have a family member seeing an LLMD, they will sometimes treat another family member for recent tick-bite, even if they are not the current patient, so check there.)

It is spring again and there are a lot of people getting tick-bites.  If a tick is embedded and even a little puffy, there is a chance of disease transmission.  All ticks can carry a variety of diseases.  Nature's dirty needles!  There are case studies of Lyme transmission in as little as four hours.   (If anyone wants the study, we are happy to send.)  
Here is what ILADS says:
"Wait and See" approach to treatment may be risky
Up to fifty percent of ticks in Lyme-endemic areas are infected with Lyme or other tick-borne diseases. With odds like that, if you have proof or a high suspicion that you've been bitten by a tick, taking a "wait and see" approach to deciding whether to treat the disease has risks. The onset of Lyme disease symptoms can be easily overlooked or mistaken for other illnesses. Once symptoms are more evident the disease may have already entered the central nervous system, and could be hard to cure. This is one case in which an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.
If you find an embedded tick or suspect a Lyme rash and/or have flu-like symptoms after tick exposure (especially in summer months), SPEED is critical ***.  Remove ticks immediately.  Consider one of the following clinics for Lyme-specialized urgent care.
·      Dr. Andrew Heyman, MD, All ages. 39070 John Mosby Highway Aldie, VA  20105 Telephone: 703-327-2434  (Will fit in within 1-2 days. $150.  Specify recent tick-bite.)
·      Dr. John Hart, MD, All ages. 305 Harrison Street, SE, Suite 200A, Leesburg, VA  20175, 703-724-9694. Will fit patient with tick-bite in on same day on Mon., Wed., Fri. in Leesburg or Tu., Th. in Fredericksburg.  ($200 for ½ hour)
        Ruth Kriz, CNP, Kayleen Clute, MSN, APRN, All ages.  Phone 202-714-2415 (Triage by initial phone consultation.)
       Jemsek Specialty Clinic, 2440 M Street N.W., Suite 205, Washington DC, 20037, 202-955-0003, Tara Fox will see newborn to age 18 with a recent tick attachment quickly. (NO ADULTS seen for early tick-bite/rash).  Specify that a tick attachment occurred within weeks and no prior symptoms.  (It’s a 1 hour limited consult at $375.  Evaluations of children under age 2, with or without tick attachment, or under age 5 with tick attachment within previous YEAR can be done also.)
·       Dr. Carolyn Walsh, MD, Adults only. 19415 Deerfield Ave., Ste. 307, Lansdowne, VA 20176, 703-723-7713. (Fit in quickly unless out-of-town.  $350 for new patient with recent tick-bite.)
***Note:  The Lyme bull’s-eye (Erythema Migrans or EM rash) is diagnostic for Lyme disease and the CDC does NOT recommend testing if it is present because in early disease (up to 6 weeks) the screening test is only between 33% and 49% sensitive.  An EM rash is an expanding rash that often looks more like a spider bite and can be more oval or elongated than round.  In many cases it may not appear or may not be seen due to its location.
If anyone wants a pdf copy of this list that also includes local ILADS doctors for chronic/late stage Lyme so you can print out and share with others who may need it, let me know and we will send it to you.   
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