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Sharon's Nook Living with Lyme News About Us

Collecting data is the first step towards wisdom; sharing data is the first step towards community.

This page chronicles my journey through Late Stage Chronic Lyme Disease.  I was diagnosed many, many years after the initial onset, leaving me with a very long list of symptoms that I hope will eventually dissipate or even hopefully disappear as my treatment progresses. 

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Sharon's Bio

For more than a decade, I suffered from numerous mysterious or rare maladies.  I saw internists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, chiropractors, orthopedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, pyschiatrists, phychologists, dermatologists, urologists, osteopaths, and then three rheumatologists.  Some of them offered relief for my symptoms, but no one offered a cause. 
In early 2009, I became almost bedridden with back and knee pain.  Through the grace of God, four months later, I found the RIGHT doctor who diagnosed me with late stage chronic Lyme disease.  I began treatment on October 16, 2009, one day after my dad's 80th birthday. 
This is my perspective of my Lyme journey. 

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Overcome Fatigue in 5 Easy Steps
From Sharon - I don't usually repost what other people write, but Robin Shirley has so many valid points and she says it concisely. I just think it is worthy of passing on to all . . . Dear friends, I think the toughest part of incorporating a healthier lifestyle is that it takes energy to make the change and follow t... click here to read more

Sharon's Annual Christmas Letter 2012
Dear Loved Ones (that includes all friends and family!), I started this letter as Jeff and I flew back from a week’s vacation in Naples, Florida for Thanksgiving week. It seems more difficult each time to return to “real life.” Eight days alone together was just the recipe for restorative healing in the physical and... click here to read more

I realized this week that my Facebook friends probably know best about my progress in the past year than my blog subscribers. Sorry about that. Sometimes, I get too caught up trying to write a blog piece and it’s easier to write my status in three sentences that tends to sum it up better than a long essay. ... click here to read more

In My Dreams
This isn't strictly Lyme related, but I thought you might enjoy reading this anyway. In My Dreams Last week, I finished reading Proof of Heaven by neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander III. The book details his Near Death Experience (NDE) while in a vegetative state for a week. I probably already lost a few of you with t... click here to read more

Three Years Ago
Note from Sharon: I wrote this two weeks ago but didn't post b/c I just wasn't happy with it. But someone reminded me that sometimes it's more important to hear something than to hear nothing. . . so here you go: Three years ago today, I had my first appointment with my current Lyme Literate Medical Doctor. In our ... click here to read more

Congressman Frank Wolf's Lyme Disease Efforts
Nice letter from Mitt Romney thanking Congressman Frank Wolf for his efforts on educating the public on Lyme Disease - ... click here to read more

Night and Day
Night and Day Yesterday, I had been in bed for four days; low grade fever, felt like shit, not enough energy to even do laundry. My big accomplishment of those four days: going out to dinner to celebrate a family member’s birthday. I was in bed until 5 pm that day and came home and went back to bed. My anxiety was S... click here to read more

Casual Get Together on Saturday, May 12th
To all my Lymie friends in the Northern Virginia area: Jeff and I are having a casual dinner on Saturday, May 12th at 5:30 pm with hamburgers and hot dogs, etc. It will be at our house at 1086 Pensive Lane, Great Falls, VA 22066. You are each invited. This is an opportunity to interact and connect with other lymies! P... click here to read more

Sharon's Christmas Letter 2011
Dear Loved Ones, Usually, I look forward to writing this annual letter. It gives me a chance to capture the highlights and reflect on the low moments to see what wisdom I can gain and utilize for “the next time.” It gives me the opportunity to openly thank those who have been especially helpful. But this... click here to read more

Proper Tick Removal
Please print this out and put on your refrigerator or somewhere handy for the summer! For the correct way to remove a tick: PROPER TICK REMOVAL Ticks should be removed promptly. The longer it is attached the higher the risk of disease transmission. ... click here to read more

Could Your Child Have Lyme? Presentation 6/7
accidental poisoning, and Lyme disease. A big focus of this event will be keeping children safe near the water. Great Falls resident, Rebecca Fish, who will participate in the town hall, leads the coalition efforts for drowning prevention and will discuss her research and findings from the Virginia Drowning Prevention ... click here to read more

Sharon Rainey Named Northern Virginian of the Year

From the June issue of Northern Virginia magazine (page 81): 

... click here to read more

Lyme Patients' Needs Highlighted With a few mentions of me in the story . . . . ... click here to read more

Book Signing for a Friend
You are cordially invited to a book signing party for My Lyme Guide. The event will be held at Cafesano Restaurant in South Lakes Shopping Center at 11130 M South Lakes Drive in Reston on Saturday, April 30 from 2:30-5:30PM. My co-author and family practitioner, Dr. Sarah Fletcher, will be there as well. Light refreshments ... click here to read more

Shaking and Shooting
A month ago, I at my regular appt with my LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor), my symptom checklist on the Status Update form included: Back pain – Pain has actually worsened in past month, waking me again at night. Not complaining about the pain, just telling you. Fatigue – tired of writing this word down as a pre... click here to read more

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