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Sharon's Nook Living with Lyme News About Us

Collecting data is the first step towards wisdom; sharing data is the first step towards community.

This page chronicles my journey through Late Stage Chronic Lyme Disease.  I was diagnosed many, many years after the initial onset, leaving me with a very long list of symptoms that I hope will eventually dissipate or even hopefully disappear as my treatment progresses. 

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Sharon's Bio

For more than a decade, I suffered from numerous mysterious or rare maladies.  I saw internists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, chiropractors, orthopedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, pyschiatrists, phychologists, dermatologists, urologists, osteopaths, and then three rheumatologists.  Some of them offered relief for my symptoms, but no one offered a cause. 
In early 2009, I became almost bedridden with back and knee pain.  Through the grace of God, four months later, I found the RIGHT doctor who diagnosed me with late stage chronic Lyme disease.  I began treatment on October 16, 2009, one day after my dad's 80th birthday. 
This is my perspective of my Lyme journey. 

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The ABCs of Ticks
Note from Sharon: I don't personally care for the Mayo Clinic's way of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease, but i do think the following link has some good information and an interesting way of presenting the information. Thank you to Carol Pearson for sending this to me! From the mayo clinic: http://news.mayomedicall... click here to read more

Free Webinar about Lyme Disease, Bartonella
Most of you know that this is a topic close to my heart. I suffered for 30 years looking for a diagnosis to a multiplicity of symptoms. I was diagnosed finally in 2009 and treated by Dr. M. I am urging you to attend this free webinar on Friday, July 10th to learn how this infection can and might have already affected yo... click here to read more

Tell Me Everything
When Jeff's dad died on New Year's Eve, I wrote a poem about all the things I told him in the final three days we had with him. That started me thinking about what I would want to hear in my final days. And that's how I wrote this: Tell Me Everything When I am lying in bed, Dyi... click here to read more

It's a Matter of Perspective
It's a matter of perspective, my latest blog posting from Women's Voice Magazine. click here to read more

The Protozoa is LOSING
I saw Dr M yesterday and my blood smear is the best looking I have ever had! The level of biofilm is down significantly. The number of infected red blood cells is down significantly. Dr. M called it a “new scenario” for me, which I am ecstatic about. It’s not all gone; and it’s definitely still in my muscle tissue, but the... click here to read more

Getting through the Rough Times
Getting through the Rough Times I received this wonderful note (below) today from a friend who also battles Lyme disease. Both she and her boyfriend have been in treatment for a few years. I bring this to light not to brag, but rather I wanted to contrast it with a chapter that Jeff wrote that will be going into Ly... click here to read more

The Need to Connect with One Another
Robin Williams' death highlights the need to connect . . . ... click here to read more

Lyme Disease Interview on The Organic View
Please come and listen to June Stoyer interview me for her show The Organic View ... click here to read more

Lyme Disease Symptom and Treatment Tracking Survey
Below is a short survey for Lyme patients created by Chris Griffith who was in one of our Empower Yourself to Heal workshops. He explains this very useful digital tool he wants to develop to help us track our treatment, diet, exercise, symptoms, improvements, etc. Please take the time to help all of us out and fill out the... click here to read more

Love and Support of Community Matters
The love and support of community matters for the people and animals . . . ... click here to read more

If You Get Bitten by a Tick
Below I'm sharing a list of LLMDs in our local area who are willing to treat new patients for FAST treatment after a tick-bite. (If you already have a family member seeing an LLMD, they will sometimes treat another family member for recent tick-bite, even if they are not the current patient, so check there.) It is sp... click here to read more

The Best Part of My Day
Please read my latest column from Women's Voices Magazine regarding the Best Part of My Day: ... click here to read more

Healing from Lyme Disease TOGETHER
Healing from Lyme Disease TOGETHER: click here to read more

Random Thoughts when Talking to Lyme Patients
I talked with a few Lyme patients yesterday. People call me asking for input, my perception, advice, or just validation. A few things I find myself often saying: I’m not a physician and I don’t know what you have merely by you telling me your symptoms. I don’t know what treatment you should be getting or what meds ... click here to read more

While sitting idly at the hair salon today, trying to take the grey out of my hair, I was enjoying reading my copy of The Art of Fear. I was delighting in the fact that on January 2nd, I was sticking to my goal of reading for at least a half hour daily. And then SHE sat next to me; old enough to know better, but not gi... click here to read more

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