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Collecting data is the first step towards wisdom; sharing data is the first step towards community.

Welcome to!an interactive resource for referrals & community connections

We provide referrals and local information for the greater Northern Virginia and Maryland suburban areas. Through our website and email network, you can access and exchange information with your neighbors in a safe and positive environment. The network has two main parts:

Community Connections
Stay connected and in the know with Community Connections - over thirty categories of local information sent to members via email and placed in the Community Connections section online. To see categories, click on View Community Connections. members can:

  • Receive Community Connections emails only in the categories that interest you
  • Receive Community Connections by specific local areas
  • View Community Connections online for 30 days after they are sent out
  • Send Community Connections to other members


Referral Lists
Want to know who is the best? Our referral lists will tell you exactly where to go and whom to call. With thousands of referrals contained in hundreds of lists, our members tell us time and time again they find outstanding local businesses through our referral lists. members can:

  • Receive unlimited access to our exclusive referral lists
  • Select to see all referrals or only specific areas
  • Contribute your own referrals
  • Request referral list updates


Become a member today! We've been making a difference in the local community since 2000 and we are here to stay. See our FAQ page for more information or contact us if you have questions!

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